iPhone 7 – Rumors, Release, Specifications, Price and Everything in Between

Now far from now, Apple has yet again set its eyes on introducing the latest addition to their lineup of devices. Too much anticipation is spreading in the grapevine and it seems that tech fans are on the edge of their seats, especially with some leaks and rumors circulating online.

The months of April and May are accentuated by rumors about iPhone 7 release, and now, some important rumors are starting to contradict the earlier rumors. Things are obviously getting more exciting this spring.

According to the latest reports, it seems that Apple decided not to remove iPhone 7’s headphone jack after all, with a potential design sketch even provided.

For the past few months leading to this day, there are claims that Apple will be using the lighting port as the headphone connection and push for the Bluetooth headphones. Unfortunately, this might not really be the case.

Even with the optimism that Tim Cook has given when he said that they will give the public with things that they can never live without, analysis aren’t all buying his words.

A new report states that iPhone 7 features wouldn’t be sufficient enough to satisfy the demands of users who are searching for a big and monumental update, and this could lead to fewer sales since consumers might just opt to brace in themselves and wait for the release of iPhone 7s that promises a bigger screen upgrade.

It was last March when the first ever Apple Event for this year took place wherein they introduced iPhone SE and the iPad Pro that sports 9.7 inches screen. There were no signs of iPhone 7 and even though there was a little chance that iPad Pro is hinting at a certain feature, no foreshadowing was given at all.

Later this year, consumers can expect for a new iPhone that boasts of several new features with iOS 10 on board and many other reasons to upgrade.

What’s With the Name? iPhone 6s vs. iPhone 7

In 2015, Apple announced their iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus that followed iPhone’s upgrades tradition for the past eight releases. After iPhone 33G, the company decided to stick with the use of the same general design for iPhones for two years with an iPhone “s” model being offered. To freshen your memory, there is the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s and the latest being the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. This name game leads to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that will be formally introduced this fall complete with a new look and brand new list of features.

What to Expect from iPhone 7 Release Date

Probably the biggest and surest thing that you can expect from iPhone 7 release date is the fact that it will hit the stores by Fall 2016. The world has got a glimpse of iPhone SE during their March event and there are no suggestions whatsoever that the public will learn the official release date of iPhone 7 at the upcoming Apple Event for WWDC this June.

Again, iPhone 7 release date will be in the later part this year, most probably by fall unless Apple decides to make a major shift to their release timeline which usually includes a new software preview in June and annual iPhone release by fall.

iPhone 7 production will probably start by July and this is the time when you can actually start to see further details from the leaks. However, you shouldn’t expect for any announcement for an iPhone 7 event until the month of August or even September.

Last 2015, Apple announced their yearly upgrade program for iPhone, offering an affordable and fast way of upgrading from iPhone 6s to the latest iPhone in 2017. Since this program started in September 2015, expect for iPhone 7 to be released by September 2016.

What You Shouldn’t Expect from iPhone 7

You have to remember that there are plenty of talented and skilled designers out there that are making their own videos which claim to show the possible iPhone 7 features and designs. Most of these even use the word Official in their video titles. But, here’s the thing. No outsider knows exactly what iPhone is going to look like until fall comes but should you see a video of iPhone 7 that has a screen which slides out to triple size or offers some other crazy features, it is very likely that this is not the latest iPhone 7.

For now, the tech community doesn’t expect to see a major upgrade on the screen of iPhone 7. Some iPhone 7 rumors claimed that Samsung is developing an OLED display for Apple although the latest reports suggest that this will not arrive until next year 2017.

iPhone 7 Design

In the past few years, the iPhone updates made by Apple have adhered to a somewhat predictable cycle. There are the major changes in design in the even number years, and under the hood tech upgrades followed which keep the original basic physical chassis during the odd numbered years that marked the introduction of “S phones.” With this, it seems that 2016 will be seeing a complete redesign as a near certainty, and if we’re in luck, there might be several dramatic innovations this time around.

iphone 7 in hand

But, there is also a chance that iPhone 7 is going to veer away from this trend. Murmurs within the supply chain indicate that iPhone 7 is not going to have any of those must-have factor alterations, which pretty much suggests that the public will be seeing only a handful of modest refinements and maybe several newer internal components. Some iPhone 7 rumors also suggest that the latest iPhone will be having a design that is very similar to that of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s although the antenna bands that are running across the present generation might be removed. It is expected that the company is still going to release two versions of this phone. Ostensibly, there will be the standard sized iPhone 7 that sports 4.7 inches screen and the bigger iPhone 7 plus with 5.5 inches.

Considering how often it is for some people to accidentally drop their phones in toilets and other types of bodies of water, is there a chance for Apple to finally come up with a waterproof or water-resistant chassis? The rest of the big names have already decided to go down that path, of course. There is the Galaxy S5 from Samsung, Z5 Premium from Sony and the entry level Moto G from Motorola. But still, the mere fact that Samsung chose not to include this feature in Galaxy S6 merely suggests that this is not really a critical feature for majority of consumers.

These recent months, numerous sources with different levels of reliability have reported that iPhone 7 is going to be dustproof and waterproof. There are some iPhone 7 leaks that state that Apple has already filed for the latest waterproofing related patent. With a title Electronic Device with Hidden Connector, this application suggests that the ports are going to be covered with self-healing elastomer. Based on the patent description, the iPhone ports that have been equipped with the technology are going to be covered with the membranes that can be penetrated by a USB connector or headphone, for instance, and which is going to seal back up the moment the connector has been withdrawn.

Coming from this narrative, there are also reports stating that Apple is coming up with a brand new set of Bluetooth earphones that might be introduced hand in hand with iPhone 7. As a result of the latest acquisition of the company of Beats Electronics, the latest earphones, which will possibly take on the name AirPods, are said to be totally wireless.

Among the more interesting out of all the iPhone 7 predictions circulating around the community involves the move away from the traditional physical home button. There were earlier reports that the most recent iPhone innovations, particularly the pressure-sensitive 3D touchscreen and Siri’s increasing always hands on free functionality have already decreased the need for this button, with a button less iPhone going to be a natural move for a company like Apple that is known for their strong preference for simple design and clean lines. This would also let the large bottom and top bezels to shrink which would effectively allow Apple to squeeze a bigger screen to the body with a similar size. Of course, the trick is to keep the all essential Touch ID fingerprint sensor to be still somehow integrated to the device.

If you have seen the melodramatic leaked concept video of iPhone 7 that is circulating around social media has already been flagged as fake. This video reveals an employee clad in a cleansuit, allegedly of Foxconn, one of the long time suppliers of Apple, handling an iPhone 7 unit without the home button until someone shouts, "Hey! Nice try, folks.” offscreen.

iPhone 7 Security

Apple engineers are said to be developing on beefier security measures. Even if security has not often been a primary focus of the iPhone rumors, the largest Apple story involved the battle of Apple with the FBA. According to reports, Apple is working on ways on how to encrypt data stored through its iCloud service that could frustrate law enforcement agencies in investigations. There are also reports that Apple engineers are working on the new security measures that will avoid iPhone hacking.

Everyone hopes that this development will bring security much closer to the fore for both manufacturers and smartphone consumers. If nothing else, this will be an issue with the different types of interesting ramifications for problems ranging from the user interface to privacy settings of iPhone.

iPhone 7 Display

There’s particularly a rumor about iPhone having a sapphire display that would provide a high degree of scratch as well as shatter-resistance than the Gorilla Glass of the current models. As a matter of fact, the higher-end Apple Watch models come with sapphire displays and OLED technology, which offer the best in class black levels, colors, and contrast on a growing assortment of smartphones.

KGI Securities’ analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will revamp its lineup of the best iPhones next year you include a new curved display. The new screen of iPhone will be based on the active matrix organic LED that provide various benefits over LCD screens that currently utilized in iPhones. OLED display is much thinner, more flexible, and lighter than LCDs. They are also more efficient, providing you the chance to make most of the device with a single battery charge only. Earlier reports have also predicted that Apple would consider switching to OLED displays in 2018.

iPhone 7 Connections

One of the widely speculated upon topics to date involves iPhone’s connectivity standards. Rumors said that Apple might get rid of 3.5mm headphone jack, which is a standard in every preceding iPhone. This might accommodate a thinner chassis as this can shave off as much as 1 mm.

However, according to Barclays analysts, it was reported that iPhone 7 will omit a 3.5mm headphone jack. Yet, in its traditional place will be a 2nd speaker that is powered by an amp that is manufactured by the Cirrus Logic. Analysts also countered the recent rumors suggesting that iPhone 7 would have a dynamic noise cancellation feature that suggests it will be used as a digital codec instead.

For the meantime, the prospect of the Smart Connector surfaced online, yet this appears to have faded. So, what about swapping out lighting for a USB Type C? Despite the growing ubiquity as the standard for some smartphones, PCs, and tablets, it might be impossible. Yes, Apple also made USB-C as the only connector in the MacBook revamp this 2015, yet the company has doubled-down on lighting previously, adding this to new Beats speakers, Mac accessories, Pencil accessory of iPad Pro, and the all new Smart Battery Case of iPhone. A lot of Apple products continue using Lightning even if USB Type-C is one of the features of the latest MacBook.

iPhone SE, 6S Plus, and 6S all come equipped with NFC to enable the system of Apple Pay. However, Apple has yet to provide support to the tap-to-pair capability of some NFC-enabled smartphones that allow users to tap a speaker or headphone to pair through Bluetooth. There was also chatter regarding the possibility of improved NFC support in iOS 9, yet it didn’t come to pass.

iPhone 7 Components

iPhones are equipped with A9 processors, SE, 6S Plus, and 6S, are all the best when it comes to performance, showing off an improved speed of 64-bit dual core processors. As every successive iPhone generation is expected to offer improved speed, many people expect to see an A10 chip that powers iPhone 7. Just as iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus got a bump in terms of RAM from 1GB to 2GB. It isn’t unreasonable to expect to see iPhone 7, which comes equipped with a RAM of 4GB. Powering devices is a proprietary 64-bit A9 chip processor, which Apple says provides seventy percent computing performance unit and ninety percent faster GPU.

In year 2014, Apple has doubled the top 2 tiers of iPhone up to 128GB, yet kept pricing the same. The company also kept the same capacities for its line of 2015 and SE model of 2016. Although anything is possible, yet getting customers pay up for 64Gb model can be too much of profit incentives to give up.

When it comes to waterproofing rumors, iPhone 7 is said to have new compound materials, which will help hide the antenna that’s currently housed in the bands on your phone’s back. According to some sources, Intel will provide thirty to forty percent of the modem supply of iPhone 7. Intel 7360 LTE that supports 450 mbps download as well as 100 mbps upload speeds.

There is also another story that surfaced online which involves the possibility of iPhone 7 supporting wireless charging. There’s one potential narrative about Apple narrowing connectivity to the single lightning port, which makes it impossible for charging phone and use a wired headphone at the same time.

iPhone 7 Camera

A lot of sources reported that there could be an upgrade in quality with the camera of iPhone 6S, a 2 lens DSLR style camera and 10 MP camera were made as 2 distinct possibilities. Even if 6S upped the game of the standard iPhone with an improved front-facing camera, only iPhone 6S Plus comes with optical image stability capabilities that provide higher quality photos and videos in a low light condition.

There could also be technology leveraging 2015 acquisition of Apple about the Israeli technology company LinX image that developed several smaller sensors, which can provide DSLR quality images with improved performance and optical zoom in darker environments.

iPhone 7 Battery Life

In terms of how long you can use iPhone 7, the design might have an impact on its battery life. In a report, it includes images about the iPhone 7 battery, which is the same as iPhone 6 battery. Pat Clawson, Blancco Technology Group’s CEO, explains to some websites that the design choices might cause an impact on the battery size of iPhone 7. Battery will be smaller in size and this depends on the performance improvements of the OS. Since there’s more functionality as well as complexity in OS, this will be hard to optimize the battery’s power consumption.

iPhone 7 Specs and Performance

When it comes to the tradition of iPhone, iPhone 7 might get a new processor. People expect that Apple will engineer iPhone 7 with an A10 processor, even if the name could change by the time this iPhone 7 comes out.

Experts explain what the new A10 processor could deliver to iPhone 7 experience and they added that the earlier processors were extremely good and A10 processor must be even better. A9 processor was dual core, yet A10 processor is 6 core. Therefore, they expect that A10 processor will be much faster and might have twenty percent higher performance as well as forty percent less power consumption in comparison to iPhone 6S. Even if it remains to be seen how faster processor will affect battery life, it’s still a processor of the largest frustrations of most Apple users.

Current iPhone users also expect that iPhone 7 will be designed with 2GB RAM and iPhone 7 Plus will have 3GB RAM. If this continues as a trend to Apple iPhones, iPhone 7 must deliver longer battery life and more power to users.

In some reports, Apple is said to use Intel LTE modem, which will make iPhone 7 much faster. However, the speed may depend on the carrier support, so there’s a chance that you wouldn’t see an increase in speed in majority of uses.

iPhone 7 Plus Storage

There is a rumor that iPhone 7 Plus could fit SanDisk 256GB NAND flash memory card, which allows users to buy double the amount of storage that iPhone 6 Plus has. This added space is important provided that the new camera options rumored. This would also mean adding more storage to iPhone 7 Plus if there will be one.

iPhone 7’s iOS 10

iPhone 7 is said to arrive with an iOS 10 on board. But, like all the rumors about this device, it’s another thing that could change as Apple tries to develop iPhone 7 with the most advanced technology. However, to confirm this, people should wait for the announcement at WWDC this 2016 to know the new visual upgrades and features.

The Bottom Line

iPhone 7 release date is not even here, yet there are numerous rumors that this new iPhone model will be launched in 2017, which will be packed with better improvement and exceptional features. As of now, what you can do is to be updated at all times to know when iPhone 7 will be released.